Route Overview



 September 13, 2018 - Pre-Event Lodging

  • Pre Event Lodging: Castle Rock, CO. 
  • Cost: $$ (value)

September 14, 2018 -  Kiowa, CO. to Bennett, CO.

  • Event Lodging: D.I.A. / Eastern Aurora, CO. (Bus Included)
  • Cost: $$$ (mid/high)

September 15, 2018 - Bennett, CO. to Limon, CO.

  • Event Lodging: Limon, CO. (Bus Included)
  • Cost: $$ (value)

September 16, 2018 - Limon, CO. to Kiowa, CO.

  • Event Finish: Kiowa, CO.



WATCH THIS VIDEO! - The 60 Second Booking - How to book lodging at Pedal The Plains 2018.

Lodging Overview Video - Please expand and pause in areas of interest. 

Lodging Accommodations

prices ranging from economy to premiere


STOP! Now don't go pushing our buttons...without reading the overview page here and special notes below. :)


Please note the following regarding hotel services in 2018:

  • General Terms: Many properties allow exceptions to the below, however S.C.S. must corporately set the most conservative of terms to accommodate a variety of lodging properties throughout the tour. 
  • Bus Service: Bus service to and from hotels is included in the price of lodging.
  • Luggage Transfers: Each full weekend lodging reservation receives one discounted ($115) luggage service.  Additional luggage services may be purchased ($135).
  • Check In Time: 4pm unless stated otherwise.
  • Check Out Time: 9am unless stated otherwise.
  • Breakfast: Provided for purchase at HQ site unless stated otherwise.
  • Bikes In Units: Not allowed unless stated otherwise.
  • One Booking = One Hotel Room
  • Special Notes: 
    • When booking hotel services please work through dates in a linear fashion starting with the 13th (if needed), 14th, and 15th. Due to demand, backwards date selection is not permitted.
    • Each customer has 15 minutes to complete a booking as S.C.S. does not allow for customers to "sit" on inventory.
    • Please use the “add to booking” button to allow for one singular, expedited checkout.  
    • If you get lost please toggle the date calendar to the desired date/town.

Hotel Luggage Transfer Services

additional luggage services

$135 per weekend

The ideal service for those who may need "a little" more. If a participant requires an extra bag and is using S.C.S. for lodging services he/she is eligible for the extra bag service of $135. 

Day Bag Services

$56 per weekend

The ideal service for those looking to snag a quick change of clothes at the next towns finish area. Participants may leave this custom S.C.S. draw string bag with his/her luggage each morning, OR at the S.C.S. tent at HQ. The bag will then be routed to the S.C.S. tent at the next towns HQ. 

Non - S.c.S Hotel services

$155 per weekend

The ideal service for those seeking to use hotels not contracted by Summit Cycle Solutions. The S.C.S. operations team will deliver bags to/from hotels within a 10 mile radius of the HQ site each day. Please leave your luggage with the front desk each day. Private home stays will not be serviced in 2018. 

Please note the following regarding luggage transfer services in 2018:

  • Maximum Luggage Weight: 65lbs
  • S.C.S. Hotel Pick Up Times: 6am-9am
  • Non - S.C.S. Hotel Pick Up Times: 6am-7am
  • Drop Off Times: Prior to check in for luggage services. Prior to rider finish for day bag services.
  • S.C.S. Bag Tags: Pre built and available for pick up at start town HQ.
  • Day Bag Size: Custom S.C.S. bag - 14.5" x 18"
  • One Booking = One Bag
  • Non S.C.S. Hotel Radius: Hotels 10 miles from HQ each day will be serviced.
  • Special Notes:
    • Each full weekend lodging reservation receives one discounted ($115) luggage service.  Additional luggage services may be purchased ($135).
    • If a customer is using a Non -S.C.S. hotel at any time he/she should purchase the Non - S.C.S. hotel service ($155). Discounted luggage ($115) and additional luggage services ($135) are not routed to Non - S.C.S. hotels.