the following information will assist you in planning for ride the rockies 2018.

the s.c.s. team is available for phone conversations via the home page meeting scheduler. participants may also contact the s.c.s. team via email here


S.C.S. Services for Ride The Rockies 2018


Lodging Accommodations: Summit Cycle Solutions has attained thousands of lodging units for the 2018 tour. Quality, price, and location all vary. Selections are made via the online booking platform. All services/products are booked "a la carte" allowing the participant to determine his/her preferences. Be sure to read all descriptions and terms before purchasing! S.C.S. will be firm on all such terms in 2018. Bus service to and from hotels is included in the price of the reservation. Bus services to lodging properties will be strictly monitored in 2018. Please pick up your bus pass at registration.  

Luggage Transportation: Summit Cycle Solutions provides luggage transportation to and from hotels each day. Customers lodging a full week with Summit Cycle Solutions are eligible for one discounted bag transfer service ($115). After 2.9.18 please contact an S.C.S. representative to attain the discounted luggage service. Customers may purchase additional bags as desired ($135). During the tour for S.C.S. hotels, the luggage pick-up window is from 6am - 9am each morning. This window allows for a more leisurely ride if desired. For Non S.C.S. hotels the luggage pick up window is from 6am-7am each morning. 

New in 2018: Summit Cycle Solutions will be providing a Non - S.C.S. hotel baggage transfer service. Summit Cycle Solutions will transfer bags to and from hotels not booked through S.C.S. directly. Please read all service details as listed on the booking page. Private home stays will not be serviced in 2018. 

Also new in 2018: Summit Cycle Solutions will be providing a "day bag" service for a quick change of clothes at the end of each ride. Participants may leave this customized day bag at the S.C.S. tent, OR with his/her luggage each morning. The day bag will then be routed to the finish in the next town. 

Logistics Transportation (buses): Summit Cycle Solutions will be providing transportation services to/from Denver International Airport on June 9th & 15th. Unlike other services, bus seats are guaranteed once purchased. Additionally, buses will be accompanied by a semi-truck for boxed bike transportation. Due to the proximity of this years start / finish town, S.C.S. will not be running buses to R.T.D. locations in Denver.

Real Time Communication: All customers receive real time communication services. Customers receive text alerts, onsite customer service, and an active 24/7 urgent matter phone line. 

2018 Route / Schedule 


RTR18 Complete Tour Map v3 2.jpg

 June 8th, 2018 - Travel Day / Acclimatization to Elevation

  • Pre Event Lodging: Breckenridge, CO.

June 9th, 2018 - Travel Day / On Site Packet Pick Up

  • Event Lodging: Breckenridge, CO.

June 10th, 2018 - Breckenridge, CO. to Edwards, CO.

  • Event Lodging: Edwards, CO. & Avon, CO.

June 11th, 2018 - Edwards, CO. to Steamboat, CO.

  • Event Lodging: Steamboat, CO.

June 12th, 2018 - Steamboat, CO. Loop

  • Event Lodging: Steamboat, CO.

June 13th, 2018 - Steamboat, CO. to Grand Lake, CO.

  • Event Lodging: Grand Lake, CO. & Fraser CO. 

June 14th, 2018 - Grand Lake, CO. to Winter Park, CO.

  • Event Lodging: Winter Park, CO. & Fraser CO.

June 15th, 2018 - Winter Park, CO. to Breckenridge, CO. / Travel Day

  • Post Event Lodging: Breckenridge, CO. 

Booking Process 


STEP 1 - Review Options / Select "Book Now"

*Special Note* Please be sure to review details before selecting, "book now". When booking hotel services please work through dates in a linear fashion starting with the 9th, 10th, and so forth. IMPORTANT - Each customer has 15 minutes to complete a booking. Due to demand S.C.S. does not allow for inventory to sit in a shopping cart for longer than 15 minutes. 

*Special Note* Please be sure to review details before selecting, "book now". When booking hotel services please work through dates in a linear fashion starting with the 9th, 10th, and so forth. IMPORTANT - Each customer has 15 minutes to complete a booking. Due to demand S.C.S. does not allow for inventory to sit in a shopping cart for longer than 15 minutes. 


STEP 2 - Use "Add to Booking"

*Special Note* Please be sure to use the "add to booking" button after selecting each nights lodging. This will allow for one singular, expedited checkout.

*Special Note* Please be sure to use the "add to booking" button after selecting each nights lodging. This will allow for one singular, expedited checkout.


STEP 3 - Review Terms / Checkout

*Special Note* Please be sure to review all items & terms one last time before checking out.

*Special Note* Please be sure to review all items & terms one last time before checking out.


Questions / Answers

+ General Question: Why use Summit Cycle Solutions?

Answer: All services are managed through contractual agreements. Without giving away trade secrets, you can rest assured that our team manages all reservations diligently via a contract. We also always have a back up plan...we are in the business of events after all. Additionally, S.C.S. coordinates with event organizers to provide operational support (Buses, Luggage Transfers, Communication, Etc.). Lastly, a large portion of revenues is returned to the foundation...supporting communities all over the great state of Colorado!

+ GENERAL Question: When will S.C.S. start accepting reservations?

Answer: S.C.S. "book now" portals are currently slated to open in alignment with route announcements.

  • 1.29.18 Opening: R.T.R. Full Week Team & V.I.P. Reservations with luggage transportation. Password and approval required from Ride The Rockies.
  • 2.3.18 Opening: R.T.R. Full Week Individual Reservations with luggage transportation. No password required.
  • 2.9.18 Opening: R.T.R. Partial Week Reservations without luggage transportation. No password required.

+ GENERAL Question: Why does S.C.S. give full week lodging & luggage reservations priority?

Answer: We call it the “domino” effect. The primary issue is that partial week reservations incurred prior to 2.9.18 eliminate inventory for participants seeking full week lodging packages. Likewise, S.C.S. does give priority to those seeking to use our luggage transfer service. Don't worry! R.T.R. partial week reservations without luggage transportation will be accepted starting on 2.9.18.

+ General Question: How does S.C.S. determine pricing?

Answer: S.C.S. only adds mark up to rooms negotiated down to direct rates. If a hotel room cannot be negotiated down then a small admin fee is added to the price of the lodging unit. In 2017 typically this fee was around $15 dollars. S.C.S. is contractually obligated to a maximum/minimum markup guarantee...passing along savings to the customer! Tax/surcharge rates are not typically controlled by S.C.S. These percentages are mandated by various town & resort entities. Please note that resort municipalities can often charge over inflated rates...some as high as 18%. We think it's crazy too!

+ General Question: Can I purchase over the phone?

Answer: Yes! You may schedule a time to speak with an S.C.S. Representative on the home page. S.C.S.'s urgent phone line is used during events only. With thousands of reservations, S.C.S. does work to streamline calls. Warning Inventory is live on the website. It is S.C.S.'s recommendation that you book online as we sold out in 2 hours during the 2017 R.T.R. booking season.

+ General Question: How long do I have to book once I have gained access to the site?

Answer: 15 minutes! With thousands of reservations coming in... S.C.S. does limit the amount of time a customer can "sit" on the inventory prior to checking out. Thank you for understanding!

Please note that the timer does not start until you click on the "book now" button.

+ Lodging Question: Can S.C.S. accommodate group lodging requests?

Answer: Yes. In order to be eligible for group lodging packages participants must meet the minimum requirements as set by Ride The Rockies. Please visit for more information. Please note that split payments are only avialabile for bookings over the phone.

+ Lodging Question: Do room rates include breakfast?

Answer: S.C.S. will note properties including breakfast under the details tab located within the book now portal. S.C.S. cannot honor the quality, timing, or the guarantee of breakfast each morning. Such items are under the direct control of the property. The Denver Post Community Foundation recognizes that breakfast is a key component to a rider’s day! Breakfast is available for purchase at the start venue each morning.

+ Lodging question: Can I purchase partial week reservations/services?

Answer: Full week participants with luggage transport are given priority. S.C.S. will open for partial week booking at a later date (2.9.18). If one night of S.C.S. inventory sells out... participants may book the maximum services/hotels available then book "on own" for any nights not available through S.C.S. Please note that only full week reservations qualify for the discounted luggage transfer service. If a participant requires luggage transfer to a Non - S.C.S. lodging property please purchase the the Non - S.C.S. hotel luggage service.

+ LODGING Question: Can I make reservations outside of S.C.S and still be supported?

Answer: Yes (however not recommended). If a participant can't find lodging through S.C.S. due to a sell out, he/she may attain lodging "on own", then purchase the "Non-S.C.S. luggage transfer service."

+ LODGING Question: Can I cancel my reservation at any time?

Answer: No. In 2017, S.C.S. took in 2,200 reservations in 2 hours. Due to demand, S.C.S. does hold very strict cancellation policies. All customers must review terms prior to check out. S.C.S. highly recommends attaining private travel insurance, available through

Payment & Cancellation Policies:

  • Payment in full is required at the time of booking as inventory is live. Cancellations shall incur a 20% administrative fee on the total reservation amount (including taxes).
  • For Ride The Rockies, no lodging cancellations shall be allowed after February 23rd, 2018.
  • For Ride The Rockies, no bus transportation/luggage transportation cancellations shall be allowed after May 15th, 2018.
  • For all events, S.C.S. highly recommends purchasing trip cancellation/travel insurance, available through

+ LODGING Question: Are reservations transferable?

Answer: Yes & No. If a participant needs to cancel a reservation, S.C.S. will then offer his/her lodging package for resale. If a resale occurs, S.C.S. will refund the original participant less the 20% cancellation fee. In 2017, most all cancellations were partially refunded thanks to a high demand! This process must be managed via S.C.S. in order to ensure contractual compliance.

+ Bag Transfer Question: What size bag can I have?

Answer: 65 lbs. is the maximum weight for 2018. Maximum weight limits will be enforced in 2018. Participants are requested to ensure that they have purchased enough services prior to arrival. One Booking = One Bag Transfer.

+ Bag Transfer Question: Where do I leave bags each day?

Answer: For S.C.S. contracted properties, participants will have a designated area to drop off/pick up luggage. These areas are typically identified with S.C.S. signage and a security camera. For Non-S.C.S. hotel baggage transfer services, please leave participant luggage with the front desk.

+ Bus Question: Is there bus transportation to S.C.S. lodging properties?

Answer: Yes! The Denver Post Community Foundation has arranged for bus service to all S.C.S. lodging properties. Buses do not service Non-S.C.S. lodging properties.

+ Bus Question: Is the bus service exclusive to S.C.S. customers?

Answer: Yes! S.C.S. customers do receive priority when using such services. Lodging customers will recieve a bus pass at registration.

+ Bus Question: Can I take my bike on the bus?

Answer: No. All towns have a secured, designated bike corral for each night of the tour. Please leave your bike in the bike corral and proceed to your hotel via the bus route. Buses to/from Denver International Airport will have a complimentary bike transport service included. Please be sure to have your bike boxed - thank you.

+ Bus Question: Do buses run on a time schedule?

Answer: No. Buses run in circulation amongst the towns. All buses are managed by The Denver Post Community Foundation. Please visit the R.T.R. informational tent for times & estimated schedules.