SECTION 1: Overview

“The critical information needed.”



September 12th, 2019 - Start Registration (Lamar, CO.)

Hotel Locations: Lamar, CO.

Camping Elevated Location: Lamar, CO. Headquarters

September 13th, 2019 - Lamar, CO. to Holly, CO.

Hotel Locations: Lamar, CO. (Bus travel required)

Camping Elevated Location: Holly, CO. Headquarters

September 14th, 2019 - Holly, CO. to Springfield, CO.

Hotel Locations: Lamar, CO. (Bus travel required)

Camping Elevated Location: Springfield, CO. Headquarters

September 15th, 2019 - Springfield, CO. to Lamar, CO.

Hotel Locations: Event Finish - No Hotel Services

Camping Elevated Location: Event Finish - No Camping Elevated Services

SECTION 2: Accommodations

“We Work. You Pedal.”

Hotel & Motel Services

$85 - $157 per person, per night


Please note the following regarding hotel services in 2019:

General Term: Lodging stays are a three night minimum in Lamar, CO. Please select your desired location. Lodging rates include P.T.P. bus service to/from the hotel.

General Term: Many properties allow exceptions to the below, however S.C.S. must corporately set the most conservative of terms to accommodate a variety of lodging properties throughout the tour.

Bus Service: Bus service to and from hotels is included in the price of lodging. Service is provided in partnership with Pedal The Plains.

Check In Time: 4pm unless stated otherwise.

Check Out Time: 9am unless stated otherwise.

Breakfast: Provided for purchase at HQ site unless stated otherwise.

Bikes In Units: Not allowed unless stated otherwise.

One Booking = One Hotel Room

Purchasing Notes:

Camping Elevated Services

$33 - $58 per person, per night


Please note the following regarding camping services in 2019:

Sell Out Warning: S.C.S. prices are an average of 21% cheaper when compared to other providers. THIS SERVICE IS EXPECTED TO SELL OUT!

Items Included:

  • Set Up: Daily set up prior to participant arrival.
  • Take Down: Daily tear down upon departure.
  • Hospitality Tent: Includes drinks, phone charging, snacks.
  • Tent: 9x7 Coleman Sundome (or similar)
  • Air Mattress: Coleman Twin Air Mattress (per occupant)
  • Chair: Coleman Quad Chair (per occupant)

Items Included in P.T.P. Registration:

  • Showers: Access to shower trucks on site.
  • Bus Transport: Access to town bus transportation.
  • Luggage Transport: The ability to transport one (1) 70 lb. bag. Different than S.C.S. service below.

Items Not Included:

  • Personal Amenities: Linen (sleeping bags, towel, etc.)
  • Full Meals: Available for purchase “on own” via the host community.

Optional Service Items:

  • Luggage Transportation: Participants may elect for S.C.S.’s discounted luggage transportation service ($115).

SECTION 3: Hotel Luggage Transfers


Want our team to transfer luggage to hotels you have already purchased? Please select the Non-S.C.S. Luggage Transportation service below.


Non - S.c.S Hotel services

$159 per weekend

The ideal service for those seeking to use hotels not contracted by Summit Cycle Solutions. The Non-S.C.S. luggage transport service ($159) will transport luggage to hotels, motels, and VRBO’s within a 10 mile radius of the HQ/finish. Just let us know where you are staying!

Day Bag Services

$56 per weekend

The ideal service for those looking to snag a quick change of clothes at the next town’s finish area. Participants may leave this custom S.C.S. draw string bag with his/her luggage each morning, OR at the S.C.S. tent at HQ. The bag will then be routed to the S.C.S. tent at the next towns HQ. 


Please note the following regarding luggage transfer services in 2019:

Maximum Luggage Weight: 65lbs

Non - S.C.S. Hotel Pick Up Times: 6am-7am

Drop Off Times: Prior to check in for luggage services. Prior to rider finish for day bag services.

S.C.S. Bag Tags: Prebuilt and available for pick up at start town HQ.

Day Bag Size: Custom S.C.S. bag - 14.5" x 18"

One Booking = One Bag

Non S.C.S. Hotel Radius: Hotels 10 miles from HQ each day will be serviced.

Special Note: VRBO's and other private lodging reservations are not supported by PTP Bus Service. Participants should plan to ride his/her bike to their selected lodging property.