the following information will assist you in planning for TRiple Bypass 2019.

the s.c.s. team is available for phone conversations via the home page meeting scheduler. participants may also contact the s.c.s. team via email. LINK here

S.C.S. Services for Triple Bypass 2019


Bus / Bike Transport: Summit Cycle Solutions will be providing pre-purchased transportation services ($82 + Tax) from Avon, CO. to Evergreen, CO. Please do not delay in purchasing! S.C.S. does often sell out early. Prices will increase at the time of the event. All buses are accompanied by a box truck for bike transportation. Bikes are covered and secured with moving blankets during transport.

Weekend Lodging Packages: Participants may purchase pre-packaged lodging services paired with bus transportation. This inclusive package takes the hassle out of planning the weekend!

Real Time Communication: All customers receive real time communication services. Customers receive text alerts, onsite customer service, and an active 24/7 urgent matter phone line. 

Bus / Bike Transport

Avon, CO. to Evergreen, CO.

Shuttle Transports: July 13, 2019

(7:00am & 3:00pm) Shuttle Special: Copper / Georgetown

(No service to Evergreen)

Shuttle Transports: July 14, 2019

important bus logistics

Bus Pick Up Location: Nottingham Lake - Avon, CO.

Evergreen Bus Drop Off Locations:

Evergreen CO - Country Day School

  • Address: 1036 El Rancho Rd, Evergreen, CO 80439

Bergen CO. - Valley Elementary School

  • Address: 1422 Sugarbush Dr, Evergreen, CO 80439

Evergreen CO. - Park & Ride

  • Address: 1287 County Hwy 65, Evergreen, CO 80439

Evergreen CO. - Middle School

  • Address: 2059 S Hiwan Dr, Evergreen, CO 80439

Copper / Georgetown Bus Drop Off Locations:

Copper Mountain CO. - Alpine Lots

  • Address: From I-70 merge onto CO-91 S via EXIT 195 toward Copper Mtn/Leadville. Proceed past Copper Road on CO-91 & follow signage for the Alpine or Far East Parking lots.

Georgetown CO. - Shadows Ranch

  • Address: 1259 Alvarado Rd, Georgetown, CO 80444

Bike Corral: (Evergreen Return Service Only)

Country Day School (Adjusted for security reasons)

  • Address: 1036 El Rancho Rd, Evergreen, CO 80439

Special Notes:


  • Bike transports operate in conjunction with every bus transport.

  • Bus and bike check in is 45 minutes prior to the departure (ex. 2:15pm Check In / 3:00pm Departure).

  • Bikes will be taken to a secure bike corral located at the Evergreen Country Day School. Bikes may be collected after the participant attains his or her vehicle.

  • Morning shuttles from Avon, CO will drop off directly at Buchanan Park in Evergreen, CO.

  • Need a ride to Copper or Georgetown? Purchase the 7:00 am or 3:00pm shuttle as they offer direct service to Copper / Georgetown.

  • S.C.S. reserves the right to adjust reservation times.

  • Luggage transportation is not provided for hotel reservations made outside of Summit Cycle Solutions.

Lodging / Bus Packages

July 12 & 13th, 2019 - Lodging Packages

Need training time at elevation before the event?

Summit Cycle Solutions has several lodging packages for Triple Bypass participants.

  • The Comfort Inn is offering a two night lodging stay on July 12th & 13th, 2019.

  • The Christie Lodge offerings are NOW CLOSED!

All lodging packages require additional selection options for bus & bike transportation. Please follow prompts when selecting a package.

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Questions / Answers

+ General Question: Why use Summit Cycle Solutions?

Answer: All services are managed through contractual agreements. Without giving away trade secrets, you can rest assured that our team manages all reservations diligently via a contract. We also always have a back up plan...we are in the business of events after all. Additionally, S.C.S. coordinates with event organizers to provide operational support (Buses, Luggage Transfers, Communication, Etc.). Lastly, a large portion of revenues is returned to the event...supporting communities all over the great state of Colorado!

+ GENERAL Question: When will S.C.S. start accepting reservations?

Answer: S.C.S. "book now" portals are currently slated to open in alignment with route announcements.

+ General Question: How does S.C.S. determine pricing?

Answer: S.C.S. only adds mark up to rooms negotiated down to direct rates. If a hotel room cannot be negotiated down then a small admin fee is added to the price of the lodging unit. In 2018 typically this fee was around $15 dollars. S.C.S. is contractually obligated to a maximum/minimum markup guarantee...passing along savings to the customer! Tax/surcharge rates are not typically controlled by S.C.S. These percentages are mandated by various town & resort entities. Please note that resort municipalities can often charge over inflated rates...some as high as 18%. We think it's crazy too!

+ General Question: Can I purchase over the phone?

Answer: Yes! You may schedule a time to speak with an S.C.S. Representative on the home page. S.C.S.'s urgent phone line is used during events only. With thousands of reservations, S.C.S. does work to streamline calls. Warning Inventory is live on the website. It is S.C.S.'s recommendation that you book online as we sold out in 2 hours during the 2018 R.T.R. booking season.

+ General Question: How long do I have to book once I have gained access to the site?

Answer: 15 minutes! With thousands of reservations coming in... S.C.S. does limit the amount of time a customer can "sit" on the inventory prior to checking out. Thank you for understanding!

Please note that the timer does not start until you click on the "book now" button.

+ Lodging Question: Can S.C.S. accommodate group lodging requests?

Answer: Yes. Please note that split payments are only avialabile for bookings over the phone.

+ Lodging Question: Do room rates include breakfast?

Answer: S.C.S. will note properties including breakfast under the details tab located within the book now portal. S.C.S. cannot honor the quality, timing, or the guarantee of breakfast each morning. Such items are under the direct control of the property.

+ LODGING & BUS Question: Can I cancel my reservation at any time?

Answer: No. In 2018, S.C.S. took in 2,200 reservations in 2 hours for one event. Due to demand, S.C.S. does hold very strict cancellation policies. All customers must review terms prior to check out. S.C.S. highly recommends attaining private travel insurance, available through

+ LODGING Question: Are reservations transferable?

Answer: Yes & No. If a participant needs to cancel a reservation, S.C.S. will then offer his/her reservation for resale. If a resale occurs, S.C.S. will refund the original participant less the 20% cancellation fee. In 2018, most all cancellations were partially refunded thanks to a high demand! This process must be managed via S.C.S. in order to ensure contractual compliance.

+ Bus Question: Is there bus transportation to S.C.S. lodging properties?

Answer: NO! Please arange transporation to your hotel each day at Triple Bypass 2019.

+ Bus Question: Can I take my bike on the bus?

Answer: NO. Bikes are placed on a secured box truck, covered with moving blankets, and secured by cam straps.

+ Bus Question: Do buses run on a time schedule?

Answer: YES. Please reference your purchased time. DO NOT BE LATE. Buses leave on time.